This is the beautiful view from the apartment I was staying in the other day. I could have looked at it forever. You could see all of London. The Eye, The Shard, St. Pauls… Of course I had to get an outfit photo out on the balcony. A super-casual outfit, as I was going home that day.
Before I went home, I went and had lunch with some other bloggers - two were from L.A, and they’d never had a Full English before, so of course we had to go and take them to have one. We went to The Breakfast Club, and it was so amazing! The decor was just so cute, and the food was soooooo good!!! I’m almost drooling just thinking about it now. The two Americans loved it of course (all apart from the black pudding, but that is understandable.)

Jacket and T-shirt - Matalan | Jeans - Topshop



The other day I walked along embankment, looking at all the street performers/getting annoyed with the amount of people getting in my way, and we stopped to take some photos opposite Big Ben. The jeans are from a vintage shop in San Fransisco, and the top if from American Apparel. I love this look because depending on what shoes you wear, it can be super casual - like how I wore this with converse, or quite dressy, if you wear with heels. Both look great!
The top has an open back, so I made sure I wore a nice bra - I bought mine from Urban Outfitters.

Jeans - Vintage Similar Here | Top - American Apparel | Bra - Urban Outfitters



So I came back from America, and a few days later I was on a train down to London, with a friend to chill out for a few days before working at London Fashion Week for two days. We've been roller blading (which is my new found love after roller blading down Venice Beach in Los Angeles), wandered around hackney, and went to a rooftop cinema to watch 'Empire Records', which was really cool, you got blankets and everything, but I was still really chilly. Maybe I shouldn't have worn a skirt. This was my outfit yesterday, which made me feel like a big kid.
Dungarees - H&M | Crop Top - Primark



A few days ago I went to the San Francisco Zoo. I love going to zoo's and seeing all the animals up close, but sometimes it makes me so sad if I see an animal looking miserable in its little pen. The majority of these animals looked pretty happy though! :) I got to feed a goat as well, so that was my day made.

After the zoo, I walked along the coast line, it was really pretty, reminded me a little of some beaches in England.



Yesterday I walked up to Fisherman's Warf, which was really cute! I kind of felt a little bit like Cornwall actually. It was a nice heat too, but, once I got home and looked in the mirror, I realised how sunburnt I had got! (hello sunglasses tan!) Not a good look - lesson learnt need to remember to wear suncream even when it doesn't look that sunny!
I've felt like I've done a compete work out walking around San Fran - there are so many hills! It's great for the legs!
Crop top - Topshop | Jeans - Matalan | Bag - Zara


I arrived in San Francisco a few days ago, and I love it here. It's a little like New York, but much more hilly and chilly! I feel like I have walked miles! Theres so much I want to do, so I have to plan my days right! Yesterday I walked up the Coit Tower, and it was an amazing view! (I'm a sucker for a beautiful view!) Then I went to see the 'Crookedest Street', which was pretty cool.
I was so tired though at the end of the day, I came back to my hotel for a 'nap' before going out for some food, and didn't wake up till 8 the next day!



So from Sunday I have been at Magic in Las Vegas. I’ve been interning with LA Fashion Council for a few days at the trade show in Las Vegas, while they show bloggers around etc.
It’s been so interesting seeing and understanding a lot more about what they do.
I met some lovely LA bloggers while being here too.

Here are some things I got there, this super cool ring from Vidakush (I loved everything from them), and this metallic temporary tattoo which I think looks so great for festivals from Lulu DK

I leave for San Francisco tomorrow - I can’t wait to spend 6 days there, I’ve never been. Has anyone gone there before, and got any suggestions for me?

Anna xx
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